Thursday, January 8, 2009

Parents Beware of the UNCRC

Since 2002, Belgium has allowed doctors to terminate the lives of infants under the age of 12 months if they feel the baby is somehow disabled or deficient.

Are you a parent? If so, do you believe that you know what is best for your children? My answers to those questions are yes and yes, so imagine my concern, when I learned recently that some folks in powerful government positions disagree with my position. If your answers are the same as mine, then you might want to learn more about the UN Convention of the Rights of a Child (UNCRC) if you haven’t already.

In 1995, President Clinton signed the UN treaty, but decided not to submit it to the Senate for ratification, after early Senate opposition decided that the “Convention marked a significant departure from the American concept of the relationship between state and child, and was incompatible with the right of parents to raise their children.” Now the news is reporting that both President-elect Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton are planning on pushing this treaty to be ratified by congress this year.

Those in government who wish to see the treaty ratified this year would have you believe that they really care about your children and have their best interest at heart. Let’s look at their track record to see if that is true. Our government has failed miserably at protecting the youngest children, the unborn, with the legalized abortion. In 2002, while serving in the Illinois legislature, President-elect Obama, failed to support the Induced Infant Liability Act, a bill that would protect babies that survived late-term abortions. Fortunately, later the same year, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was signed into law by President Bush. What about older children? Tax payer dollars fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that protects child rapists by performing abortions on under aged girls without parental consent and promotes promiscuity among young people with its TeenWire website.

What about the UN?
Does this agency really want what is best for the world’s children? Does the UNCRC really protect them in the countries where the treaty has already been ratified? According to the UN, the best place you can raise your children is the Netherlands. Children in the Netherlands are encouraged and allowed to engage in risky and promiscuous behaviors beginning at a very young age. In Holland the age of consent is set at 12. And not only are 16 year olds allowed to smoke, they are able to buy pot in the store next to the school. “In 2006, over 92% of fifteen year-old boys admitted using some form of contraception, and the rate for fifteen year-old girls was even higher, at 97%.

Belgium is another country high on the UN list of desirable countries, in which to raise children. I was greatly disturbed to know that given the following three paragraphs that I read at

The Belgian government’s authority over the health and education of its children is deemed by many as a mark of progress toward a “better society” where children’s rights are properly recognized and protected. Those that satisfy the government’s standards live in peace. For the rest, there is no peace, and sometimes, they are not even allowed to live.

Since 2002, Belgium has allowed doctors to terminate the lives of infants under the age of 12 months if they feel the baby is somehow disabled or deficient, and is likely to suffer in life as a result.14 More than half of the Belgian babies who die before they are a year old are killed by deliberate medical intervention.15 In 16% of cases, parental consent was not even considered.16 To put these numbers in perspective, the CIA World Fact Book estimates that roughly 106,000 babies are born in Belgium each year.17 Even using conservative estimates of Belgium’s rate of assisted-suicide in infants, one can estimate that some 470 children will die before they celebrate their first birthday. Of these 470, more than 200 will die not from natural causes, but from direct medical intervention. Forty (40) of them will die regardless of their parents’ wishes, objections, or pleadings. Such a program might produce a “better society,” but one is left in horror at the ultimate sacrifice of innocent babies.

Unfortunately, the program has been deemed so “successful” in Belgium that in March 2008, the government began considering legislation that would also make assisted-suicide available to teenagers and younger children who are terminally-ill.18

It seems to me that the UNCRC isn’t really about taking care of children; rather it is about removing parental rights to give complete control of society to the government. The United States, which has the best child protection laws in the world, ranks lowest on the list, probably because parents are given more control over their children’s health and education, than anywhere else in the world.

The Real Reason for UNCRC

I believe there is even something more sinister behind the UNCRC and the push to have it ratified here in America. If parents here lose control of their children’s education, the government could actually make it illegal for Christians to teach their children about the Lord and biblical faith. Can you imagine it being against the law to tell your children that the way to Salvation is through Christ alone? Am I over reacting? Given the sentiment in this country toward biblical Christianity, already, I don’t believe, so.

Are you concerned about the UNCRC and wondering what you can do to stop it from being a reality here? You can visit There you will be able to sign a petition for the Parental Rights Amendment (to the U.S. Constitution) and get signed up for their newsletter keep you up to date on all the latest new concerning this nightmare. Also, tell everyone you know and ask them to join the fight. Call or email your senators and congressmen also. This is a battle that we must not lose. Let us not wake-up one day too late to realize that the freedoms that we hold so dear are lost forever. -Susan Altamirano